Elwë the Sindar


He is tall, his traits are fine and fair, his light eyes are somehow bigger than elves, and his hair dark Grey-silver. His corpulence is solid like a human and agile like an elf, and hard to tell if he is human when considering his athletic physic growing up in the woods and among other elves. Is he of also human origin that’s very hard to tell. He wears a long hood to avoid unnecessary attention. He is after all noble blood (Noble) and also radiate beauty (Fair). Not that it matters, we are all the same when fighting the shadows, all united, victorious.


His name Elwë came from the great Elf king long long time ago- may be the first king of its kind- the Sindars- which are the Grey Elves and finally the Elves of Mirkwood/ Silvan Elves. His father and uncle (an advisor/historian) told him its origin which from Quenya means the ‘Star person’ and such Elven noble blood runs in the family. In their veins run superior wisdom and is reflected in their countenance, and much is expected of him in the coming wars and years. He has sworn never to betray those expectations, and he will die before he sees his fair home reduced to ruins, close new friends, and what he has left for family.

His father Aerandir, one of Thranduil councilmen, died at the battle of Smaugh where they say he fought until his last drop of blood felt onto the ground and where as well he never returned from. His wife, Avina the healer a woodmen of Wilderlands, could not even rescue him this time. What has sealed once their love took them apart for a greater cause. His father met his wife while traveling to the Woodland Halls on a emissary mission to gather first the free armies- and not clear what happened during his traveling but Avina says to have found him dying. He woke up few days later, safe, bandaged, and opening eyes to what soon would be his future wife… What a story? The Elves have welcome Avina amongst them, and have offered her and her son protection and a place nearby the Elven Kings Halls. She is known amongst the Elves as Belda (meaning in Quenya: Strong) and continue as a healer and share healing Woodmen techniques. She is tenacious and strong, and which has earned a lot of respect also.

Elwë likes spend little time around home and the Kings Halls, or then likes to visit his uncle where they spend time talking and reading about great Elven stories and legacies and sometimes with other elders where verses of Quenya are heard and exchanged.
When not there or around the Halls, he can be found with others by the river where he likes to swim, climbing trees setting up traps, looking at by go-passers… But also he likes to seclude himself at times to contemplate on his origins and life around, nature.

He takes advantage of his persuasiveness to make up for a poor impression or to strengthen his hold on already-captivated listeners (unlike Inspire, Persuade may be used discreetly during any kind of social interaction). When opening up he gives off a feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear, produced by that which is grand or powerful.

The story for Elwë joining the group as you know only start few year after both of them leave for the Wilder lands, and Elwë returns promptly after his mum get settled again back home. During his short stay he was given together with a Woodmen known as Wina a mission from the Woodmen’s halls to Thranduil and his Kinsmen. The rest of the story unfolds itself when they first meet the rest of the gang in Esgaroth, on a peer.

Out of interest, a little background on Elwë the High King of the Sindar and the Lord of Beleriand + how the Elf of Mirkwood became the Elf of Mirkwood- which are actually sindar.
Elu Thingol or Elwë (d. FA 502) was an elf of the Teleri during the First Age. His brother is Olwë, who is the Lord of Alqualonde, Lord of Tol Eressëa, and High King of the Teleri of Aman, both of whom may have had a second brother called Elmo. He was a good friend of Finwë, the first High King of the Ñoldor during the times before the elves reached Aman. He was the King of the fair Elven Kingdom of Doriath and respected by all the Sindar of the Beleriand who considered him to be the High King of the Sindar and the Lord of Beleriand. The move to Greenwood the Great started in the Second Age. Oropher – with a few other Sindar – chose to cross the Misty Mountains and mingle with Silvan Elves of Greenwood the Great as they were not dominated by Noldorin Exiles: the Elves of Doriath had no fondness for the Noldor with King Thingol banning the Noldorin language and forbidding any Noldor from entering Doriath, except the children of Finarfin as they were related to Thingol (Finarfin’s wife, Eärwen was Thingol’s niece).The Silvan Elves shared common heritage with the Sindar as both the Silvan Elves (originally known as the Nandor) and the Sindar were of the Teleri clan.
The Sindar adopted the language of the Silvan Elves and wholly embraced the life of the Silvan Elves as the Sindar desired to experience a more “rustic” and “natural” way of life as was the case after their awakening in Cuiviénen. The Silvan Elves accepted Oropher as their King (Thranduil being his son).
Originally, the Silvan Elves lived in the south of Greenwood the Great, with Amon Lanc as Oropher’s capital, but over the course of the Second Age they gradually moved north to live around the Emyn Duir. The reason for this migration is unclear, being explained with two different reason: due to the threat of Sauron from the south (who located to Mordor and started building Barad-dûr in circa S.A. 1000); or, due to both the increasing power of Dwarves of Moria and out of resentment towards to the intrusions of Galadriel and Celeborn into Lórien.


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