Wamba the Mad


Wamba has many suffixes to her name, none very flattering. Her past shrouded in mystery and her present in tobacco smoke, details about her beginnings are difficult to learn. And none can vouch for the validity of what she tells anyway…

There seem to be stories about her in the south, amongst the Woodsmen where she seems to be living.
Some would call her a healer, while others brand her as a witch.
Perhaps there will be more stories to be learned as your journey continues southward?

Wamba is tall and thin, with a pale white face covered in dust and ash, framed by unruly jet black hair containing various twigs and leaves, as well as at least one well-chewed pipe. Her smile may have been beautiful once, as is wont of the elves of Middle-Earth, but it seems to have evolved into an unsettling grin showing an exaggerated amount of teeth at the best of times. This ‘feral’ smile in combination with her glassy grey eyes always darting across the room causes unease in most, especially in combination with her at times slithering and nonsensical speech.
Her long fingers and dirty nails are always running through her hair, fingering her many pockets or tapping impatiently on her walking staff/spear. Slightly hunched over, she evokes none of the majesty of her elven kin, but rather calls forth imaginations of a wildling,an image exasperated by the way she occasionally cocks her head to listen and mumble semi-coherently to herself or inanimate objects around her.

Wearing a black-feathered cloak with a birds skull and beak on the hood, it is easy to believe the stories that she is in fact a shape-changer. As for now, this remains unverified by the lot of you.
Under her cloak she wears simple, worn leather of Woodsmen design, covered in pouches and pockets containing anything and everything. If there is a system to what goes where, Wamba isn’t sharing. Suffice to say, it is safer NOT to smoke or imbibe anything from her pockets unless she gives it to you personally (and even then it may not be safe).

The few signs of Wamba’s elven heritage lies in her weaponry, an old feather-adorned elven spear doubling as her walking stick, and her elven sword carried in her belt, although the sheath is of obvious Woodsmen stock. Supposedly there’s a dagger somewhere in that mess of leather, straps and feathers, but a wise man would not go looking for it.

What you DO know (or do you?):

  • Wamba simply LOVES tobacco of all kinds.
  • She likes wine (to drink, mostly). She even makes her own it seems (although you refused to taste).
  • She likes reading.
  • She seems to like children for some reason.
  • She has an unhealthy fascination with Hobbits (unhealthy for them more than herself perhaps).
  • She does NOT seem to like elves (or to be called one it seems).
  • Wamba believes Aegir to be a man of weak stomach.
  • Wamba seems determined that Jori is actually part fish.


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