The Ring of Anorél

A beautiful Elvish wooden handcrafted ring


A nicely handcrafted wooden ring with Sindarin words. Anorél. For mere humans, it means the “Sun” but for Elves and beyond this common meaning, it means the “Sun star”. It carries a more deeper and mysterious meaning… and may be powers.

It is made of ancient dark oak Mirkwood’s trees on the border of the Grey mountain.

Its virtue and power are yet to be discovered. It was handcrafted by some of best Elvish woodcrafters, that ring looking like dark platinum.

This ring symbolize the Fellowship’s friendship and the return of Elwë among his friends. This ring was offered to Aegir and commanded by Elwë upon his return to the Fellowship.


From what the Fellowship and Aegir knows, this ring was handcrafted by some of the best Elvish handcrafters. Some says that they can even apply magic to anything following specific rituals and using the right materials. Elwë commanded it before his return journey with the Fellowship. He offered it to Aegir as to commemorate his insatiable curiosity he had one night in the marsh adventure about Elven Quenyan history and where Elwë talked about the past. Elwë depicted to Aegir this ring as being made from a special dark oak tree and where the Sindarin molded letters meant SUN (“Anor”).

There isn’t much that can be told here about this ring and Elwë was not interested about telling about what it could do and where it came from but more about what it symbolizes- To Aegir and the Fellowship. The ring of sun, the Fellowship’s friendship and courage, shining through the darkness.

The Ring of Anorél

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